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The MoD state: 'The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) is a Ministry of Defence think-tank, co-located with the Defence Academy at Shrivenham. The DCDC provides the intellectual bases that inform coherent decisions in Defence policy, capability development and operations, both now and into the future.'[1] The current name was adopted in April 2006.

The Centre was established as a result of the 1998 Strategic Defence Review ... Originally called the Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre (JDCC), the name was changed to DCDC in April 2006 when the Centre expanded to become the Defence authority for doctrinal, conceptual and futures work, taking on extra environmental staff to reflect the needs of the individual Services. It is headed by a two-star Serviceman and is a truly Joint establishment, with staff drawn from all three Armed Services and the Civil Service. [2]

Key Publications

These documents are official statements of MOD Doctrine which relate in part or in whole to information or media operations.


Supporting teams


Chris Butler (also a member of the Insurgency Research Group) | Director Air & Space, Air Cdre Paul Colley | Richard Iron | Major General Tony Milton, the first Director General Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre[3] | Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE, Director General of DCDC |

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