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Dennis O'Keeffe is Professor of Social Science at the University of Buckingham and also Senior Research Fellow in Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs, and editor of The Salisbury Review.[1] According to his University of Buckingham profile 'he is one of England's most distinguished educationalists, particularly well known for his investigations into the wide problem of truancy'.[1]


  • Issues in School Attendance and Truancy (1995)
  • Political Correctness and Public Finance (1999)
  • Independence or Stagnation? The Imperatives of University Reform in the United Kingdom (2003)
  • Compulsory Education: An Oxymoron of Modernity (2004)[2]


University of Buckingham | Institute of Economic Affairs | Family Education Trust[3] | Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, Academic Advisory Council, circa 2007[4] | FOREST Advisory council circa 2005[5]


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