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Democratic Left is/was a political party active in Great Britain during the 1990s, growing out of the Eurocommunist strand within the Communist Party of Great Britain and its magazine Marxism Today. It was established in 1991 when the CPGB split and the DL wing changed itself into a left-leaning political multi-issue grassroots campaign group/think-tank based on the party's Manifesto for New Times (1990, Lawrence and Wishart). The first chairperson of the Democratic Left was Nina Temple, the last General secretary of the CPGB. Some members disagreed with this decision and joined the Communist Party of Britain that had broken away from the CPGB in the 1980s, whilst some Scottish members formed the Communist Party of Scotland.

Democratic Left in England and Wales was dissolved in the late 1990s and reformed as the New Politics Network (NPN). In Scotland it continues as Democratic Left Scotland.