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David Reddaway (1953- ) is a former British ambassador to Ireland. He is the son of the former head of the Information Research Department, Norman Reddaway.[1]

Roles outside politics

After stepping down as Ambassador to Turkey in February 2014, Sir Reddaway sought the advice of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACOBA) to take up new appointments.

In September 2014, he took up a new part-time, paid position as adviser to the board of Beko Plc on the conditions that; he did not return to Turkey for business purposes within six months of leaving his ambassadorial position; that he serve a lobbying ban for two years after his last day in office; and that he does not employ any privileged information from his time as a crown servant in the role.

In March 2015, Reddaway took up an appointment on the Council of experts with the Democratic Progress Institute (DPI). Although he had some dealings with DPI in his post, the Foreign Commonwealth Office did not believe this position was a reward of any kind, and on the basis that he did not use any privileged information he may have had access to in office and that he continue to serve his lobbying ban, he was permitted to take up the role.

Under the same conditions, he took on four other new positions: