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David Lyndoch Graham (born 23 July 1943) is a former television producer who founded the management consultancy Attentional in 1991 as David Graham & Associates. Attentional's website gives the following information on Graham:

David formed David Graham & Associates (DGA) in 1990 to develop data and research services for independent TV and film producers in the UK. The company became Attentional Ltd in 2007.

David’s career in broadcasting began in Toronto, Canada and continued at the BBC, where David was a producer in the Current Affairs department of BBC Network Television. In 1980, David founded Diverse Production Limited, an independent production company, which supplied current affairs programmes to Channel Four.

David was educated at the Universities of Bristol and Indiana. He is a member of The Royal Television Society and has been awarded a medal for Outstanding Services to Television. [1]

According to the authors of The Battle for the BBC, Brian Griffiths, the head of Thatcher’s Policy Unit, invited Graham to Downing Street ‘on several occasions to discuss broadcasting. Griffiths was interested in the economic questions: how the industry was structured; who did what; how people were paid for what they did.’[2]

Correspondences between Graham, his television production company Diverse Production and the libertarian intellectual Friedrich Hayek from 1984 are listed in the Register of the Friedrich A. von Hayek Papers, 1906-1992. [3]

Graham later contributor a chapter entitled 'The importance of competition' to the 2005 Institute of Economic Affairs publication Public Service Broadcasting Without the BBC?. The book was edited by Alan Peacock was appointed by the Thatcher government to head the Committee on Financing the BBC, better known as the Peacock Committee.


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