Dalgety: Extract from 'Written in Flames'

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Extract from the pamphlet Written in Flames, published in 1987. Full reference: I-Spy Productions Written in Flames: Naming the British Ruling Class London: Hooligan Press ISBN 1869802071. Undated, but published in 1987.

Once a colonial farming company in Australia, Dalgety is now the giant or agribusiness. It buys up grain harvests throughout Europe. Making Homebred Flour, producing animal reed. It's Involved In breeding pigs, sheep and cattle and owns Dean Farm Eggs. It makes Spillers, Katomeat, Prime, Bonlo and Wlnalot and owns fast food distributors in America which supply McDonalds hamburgers.

It also sells agrichemicals and fertilizers and makes silos and grain driers. last year It bought Golden Wonder, the crisps and pot noodles, from the Hanson Trust.

As well as trading In grain, Dalgety has acquired a commodity broking house which deals In real and Imaginary shipments of cocoa, coffee and sugar.

Terry Pryce Is Dalgety's chief executive. He's a former Trust House Forte executive and, now at 53, Is earning £109,772. He lives at 89 Brookmans Avenue, Brookmans Park, Hatfield

Sir Peter Carey, the former permanent secretary at the Industry Department, Is Datgety's chairman. A1though his directorship or Morgan Grenfell was keeping him fully occupied In early '87.

Denys Henderson, ICl's new boss, is also a Dalgety non-executive. So is Christopher Laidlaw, former deputy chair in BP.