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The DCI Rep (HQNI) was an MI5 officer who represented the Director and Co-ordinator of Intelligence (Northern Ireland) (DCI) at the British Army's Headquarters in Northern Ireland.[1]

According to the report of the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry:

The DCI Rep (HQNI) ensured that the DCI’s views were represented within Army Headquarters, and conversely that the DCI was kept informed of developments in Army policy relating to intelligence operations. He had monthly meetings or conversations with the GOC and more frequent contact with other senior Army officers involved in military intelligence.[2]

The Pat Finucane Review by Sir Desmond de Silva QC states that the Security Service was represented at HQNI by an "Assistant Secretary Political". It is not clear whether this is a separate post to the DCI Rep (HQNI), or perhaps an alternative or cover-name for it.[3]

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