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Crane, Russak was a publishing company that included a number of terrorism and intelligence related titles in its catalogue.

According to an account by Nat Bodian:

Crane, Russak & Company was a small, independent publishing establishment created in 1973 at 52 Vanderbilt Avenue in New York City. It was a creation of Ted Crane, a former head of VNR Publishing Co., and Ben Russak, then recently retired president/founder of the American Elsevier Publishing Company. Its opening-day list consisted of 400 British-import titles for which the founders had acquired U.S. rights. It was, through its short life, a tiny operation with only a few employees. Nat Bodian helped organize the start-up operation for Crane, Russak and during its early years wore most of the ‘hats’ in the company including marketing, publicity, promotion, and production. He served under Ben Russak, who was its active president. Ted Crane, at that time, was active with Boutwell, Crane, Mosely & Associates—publishing consultants—at the same address.[1]

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