Concordat on Openness on Animal Research

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The concordat was an initiative of Understanding Animal Research. In October 2012, over 40 organisations involved with bioscience in the UK signed a Declaration on Openness on Animal Research. They committed to developing a Concordat setting out how they would be more open about the ways in which animals are used in scientific, medical and veterinary research in the UK.[1]


Steering Group membership

Dr Geoff Watts (Chair) | [Dr Claire Allan (GlaxoSmithKline) | Professor Margot Brazier (Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, University of Manchester) | Paul Clark (Universities UK) | Adrian Deeny (University College London) | Wendy Jarrett (UAR – Secretariat) | Nancy Lee (Wellcome Trust) | Dr Lawrence Moon (Wolfson centre for age-- related disease, KCL) | Dr Vicky Robinson (NC3Rs) | David Taylor (Patient representative) | Professor Dominic Wells (Royal Veterinary College) | Lord Phil Willis (Chair, AMRC)[2]

Working Group membership

Jamie Arrowsmith (Universities UK) | Laura Bellingan (Society of Biology) | Alexis Gilbert (Wellcome Trust) | Elisabeth Harley (UAR) | Edward Hayes (Physiological Society) | Abbi Hobbs (Academy of Medical Sciences) | Wendy Jarrett (UAR, Chair) | Kirk Leech (ABPI) | Emma Longridge (BBSRC) | Grace Money (MRC) | Becky Purvis (AMRC) | Frances Rawle (MRC) | Jessica Strangward (BPS) | Valerie Summers (LABA) | Edward Sykes (Science Media Centre)[2]


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