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The 3C initiative is an organisation formed in 2007, that encourages business leaders across the globe to actively help shape global opinion on the issue of climate change.


According to the 3C website,the primary goal of initiative is to influence the post-Kyoto process - COP 15 - and drive policy that promotes a market based solution in dealing with the problem of climate change.


In January 2010 3c started a venture to finance projects carried out by the Stockholm Environment Institute. It is not yet known which projects will be financed or the size of the budget. The institute aims to bridge science to policy and affect decision making on sustainability issues. According to a Business Wire article:

From 2010, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) will be the preferred knowledge provider to the 3C network. SEI and 3C will develop a 2-3 year research programme that will be financed from an independent fund built up by the members of the network. SEI and 3C will remain, separate, independent entities. [1]

Signatory companies

As of January 2010 there are currently 66 global companies including General Electric, Unilever, Citigroup, BP, Siemens, DTEK, Rusal, Reuters, Duke Energy, DONG Energy, Dow Chemical, Gazprom, China Oil and Offshore Company, Volvo, Tata Power, Hewlett Packard and Vattenfall signed to the initiative (full list below). Many of the signatory companies also take part in other activities on climate change such as the World Economic Forum's G8 Climate Change Roundtable, US Climate Action Partnership and various Trade Association's initiatives.


Swedish carbon trading company Tricorona are an associate company to 3c.

Club de Madrid | Copenhagen Climate Council | The Climate Group | UN Global Compact and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development collaborate and share business interests with 3c. Together these groups make an extremely powerful lobby for market-based solutions to climate change, which appear to have been successful in Climate Negotiations to date.

3c part fund the European Climate Foundation- a large business fund and climate think tank and lobby group. [2]


The company charged with coordinating the group is the Swedish power company Vattenfall.

Lars Josefsson - Vattenfall CEO and founder and main coordinator of 3c. Arne Mogren Secretary

Phil Sharp of Resources for the Future supports 3c in a video on their website.[3]


ABB | AL-ALMOUDI GROUP | Alstom | Areva | Barclays | Bayer | BC Hydro | Bharat Petroleum | BP | BYD | Centrica | CEZ Group | China National Offshore Oil Corp | Citigroup | Constellation Energy | Corus | Deutsche Bahn AG | Deutsche Post World Net | DONG Energy | Dow Chemical | DTEK | Duke Energy | Endesa | EnBW | Enel | E.ON | Eskom | Fortum | Gazprom | GE | HP | Iberdrola | Indian Oil | Kalyani Group | Lufthansa | Lukoil | MAN | Maruti-Suzuki | MVM Zrt. | Norske Skog | NRG Energy | Nuon | Otto Group | Pacific Gas and Energy Corporation | PNM Resources | RAO UES of Russia | Reuters | Royal Bank of Canada | Rusal | SAP AG | SAS Group | Siemens | Statoil | Suez | Tata Power Company Ltd | TAQA, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company | Unilever | Union Fenosa | Vattenfall | Veolia | Vestas | Volvo | Wallenius Lines [4]



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