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The Copenhagen Climate Council (CCC) is a collaboration between scientists and business that claims to offer "support and assistance to global decision makers"in the run-up to COP 15. The council was founded by the Scandinavian think-thank, Monday Morning, and boasts a membership of 30 global leaders from the fields of business, science and public policy. CCC were main organisers of the World Business Summit on Climate Change.

'The Business Case for a Strong Global Deal'

This document was prepared for the World Business Summit on Climate Change by the Copenhagen Climate Council and ClimateWorks Foundation.

According to the CCC website:

This paper, written especially for the business community, provides the blueprint to achieve a sustainable economy. It is based on the extensive research that the ClimateWorks Foundation has initiated through Project Catalyst and which draws on input from 150 climate change experts from over 30 countries and analytical support by McKinsey and Company.
It illustrates that the world's climate problems are manageable. Nearly all the required technologies and competencies are at our disposal, including the necessary financial resources. We have the choice to embark on a pathway that stabilizes the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and steers us towards economic and environmental prosperity – and this choice is an affordable one.
Although these choices are far from simple, they cannot be postponed indefinitely. They demand a close partnership between politicians and business leaders: a framework for a green, sustainable economy is required and the business world must use it to its full potential.
The Council's mission statement sets an objective of no more than 450ppm for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in an effort to prevent dangerous changes to the global climate. It is exactly the numbers and facts behind this target that Project Catalyst reveals – with the conclusion that it is tough but doable. [1]

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