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About the Group

The Coalition Information Center (CIC) is mainly driven by the US and UK. Alastair Campbell and his No 10 communications colleague Phil Bassett went to see Karen Hughes in Washington in early October 2001. The trip gave birth to the Coalition Information Center, which was to be based in Washington, London and Islamabad. Coalition Information Center (CIC)[1] which co-ordinated the coalition’s public communications about the military, diplomatic and humanitarian aspects of the campaign against terrorism. The CIC - to which the FCO claims to have made major contributions and has offices in London, Washington and Islamabad - is otherwise known as the "propaganda wing of the military's Operation Enduring Freedom [2], and was "known among journalists who tried to cover the war in Afghanistan as a veritable disinformation center." [3]. The London CIC was housed within and partially staffed by the Foreign Office.[4].


The CIC was originally set up to rebut

Taliban claims about civilian casualties and the idea that war in Afghanistan 'was becoming a Vietnam-like quagmire', while shining a harsh spotlight on the Taliban's record in human rights and the treatment of women[5]

It was also instrumental in selling the war in Iraq - a detailed breakdown of its aims and activities can be found on SourceWatch




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