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Christopher Wilkins is a former Welsh Guards officer and businessman who co-founded the high-profile business intelligence agency Hakluyt with Christopher James in April 1995.[1]

Wilkins retired from Hakluyt in 1996.[1]


In 2013, when asked about spying for Hakluyt, Wilkins said, "I am not in that game. I was on the edge of that game. I did Hakluyt. I helped set it up. It was an interesting operation at an interesting time and life has moved on", [2] and when asked about the allegations Hakluyt spied on Greenpeace, Wilkins said, it had been "way after my time," and "I'm not a spy. I haven't been a spy. It's not my world."[2]


Wilkins saw active service in Aden, Radfan and Oman whilst in the army and attended the school of Military Intelligence.

After leaving the army Wilkins worked for the Sunday Times for several years, and established and sold a free-sheet newspaper.

In 1995 he helped set up Hakluyt.

Wilkins is now the chairman of North British Wind Energy Ltd.

Donations to Scotland's anti-independence campaign

Wilkins donated £10,000 to the Better Together campaign in the build up to the Scottish independence referendum, as did Hakluyt managing director Keith Craig. [2]

Andrew Fraser, who with Wilkins is a significant shareholder of North British Wind Energy Ltd, also donated £20,000 to the campaign.[3]




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