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Christopher Knowles of the Center for Vigilant Freedom. Credit: Socialist Worker.

Christopher Knowles is a director of the Center for Vigilant Freedom (CVF).[1] According to the Sunday Times, Knowles was employed by the children's services department of Leeds City Council, and suspended in December 2011, after the paper drew attention to his links with the CVF/International Civil Liberties Alliance and the English Defence League.[2] In August 2012, the Hope Not Hate campaign group reported that he had been finally sacked by the council. [3]

"Aeneas" Pseudonym

Counterjihad blogger Paul Ray posted a picture of an individual he claimed was Chris Knowles in August 2011.[4] A youtube interview with counterjihad blogger Aeneas Lavinium appears to show the same individual.[5]

An article posted by Aeneas at the International Civil Liberties Alliance in July 2011, featured a (presumably inadvertent) dead link to a hard drive with a folder named Chris Knowles.[6]


Bologna Conference

Knowles and Dominique Devaux represented the Center for Vigilant Freedom at a conference in Bologna in November 2007.[7]

OSCE conference

Knowles served as representative of the International Civil Liberties Alliance at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw on 28 September 9 October 2009.[8]


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