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Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America) is a US 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to increase the flow of charitable funds outside the United States. It is a subsidiary of the UK based Charities Aid Foundation. It enables US donors to give tax deductible donations to organisations outside the US:

American donors cannot give directly to foreign charitable organizations and obtain a tax deduction. As a US public charity, CAF America is able to accept funds from American donors who can then recommend that CAF America use those funds to support foreign charitable organizations.[1]

CAF America operates Southampton Row Trust Limited as a subsidiary. This is said to be a 'unique giving solution that allows donors paying both US and UK income taxes to receive recognition for their charitable giving in both countries. By donating through a fund at CADF, charitable gifts qualify for gift aid in the UK, as well as standard tax deductibility in the US.[2]

SRTL 'contracts with Charities Aid Foundation (UK) for all day-to-day management activities'.[2]


CAF America lists the following funds for which it solicits donations:

Ajay Shiv Fund | American Friends of the Community Security Trust | American Friends of the Henry Jackson Society | American Friends of the University of East Anglia | Andrew Grene Foundation | Arts for India | Australian Spinal Research Foundation | Burberry Foundation America Fund | Christian Love & Support for Southern India | Devadasi Trust | Friends of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women | Friends of Monash University | Friends of PRADAN | Friends of the Gurkha Welfare Trust (USA) | Friends of the Jewish Community of Japan | Friends of Wayne McGregor (Random Dance) | IHG Shelter Fund | Impetus Trust | Kliptown Youth Program Fund | Msumarini Welfare Fund | N7 Fund | NBA Cares Global Fund | NIKE Ever Higher Fund | Peace for Africa and Economic Development Institute Fund | Rwandan Remembrance Ride | Seeing is Believing | Sefolosha Foundation | Soldiers' Animal Companions | The CEME Fund | The Wishing Tree Fund | University of Waikato Foundation | Watts Gallery Fund | Young Vic Theatre[3]


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