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Today a particular focal point for terrorism experts within the School of Foreign Service is the Center for Security Studies (originally known a s the Center for Peace and Security Studies). Established in 2000 by Michael E. Brown, the Center’s declared mission is to ‘create a hub where the academic and policy communities meet’[1] The Center’s founder left to join George Washington University in 2005 and since then the Center has been headed by terrorism expert Daniel Byman. Byman is currently an expert at the Brookings Institution and previously spent five years at the RAND Corporation. One of Byman’s colleagues at the Center Bruce Hoffman is perhaps the most significant addition to Georgetown’s staff in recent years. Hoffman, whose employment at Georgetown was announced on 12 July 2006[2], is also a former RAND analyst. He helped set up the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St. Andrews University and is one of America’s most high profile terrorism experts. The Center for Peace and Security Studies also houses Paul Pillar, a former CIA analyst, prolific media pundit and Brookings Institution analyst.

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