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Cello Plc describe themselves as 'a partnership of professionals that deliver specialist solutions in a range of client sectors'. Their core activities include Market research, Data collection and respondent recruitment, Research marketing consulting, Data management and consulting and Direct and integrated communications delivery [1].

Cello's Reasearch and Consulting services operate under a number of brands. These are[2]...

  • Insight - providing research services to the pharmaceutical sector. Cello claims that Insight serves 'all the top 10 Global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical organisations'. Insight also incorporates data collection agency Field Management Limited (FML).
  • Leapfrog- providing research services to blue chip clients with a focus on consumers.
  • RS - providing global research services primarily to business-to-business and public sector clients.
  • SMT - providing global data acquisition and analysis services in order for clients to enhance their competitive postitioning and supply chain insight (including market intelligence[5]). The SMT website section 'Hard Faqts' lists areas including the Public Sector (includes strategies to promote privatisation, commercialisation and support third party income generation initiatives), Defence (including strategies to support development of PPP and PFI), Utilities, FMCG, TMT, Nuclear and Financial Services[6].
  • MSI - providing research and strategic consulting services to the pharmaceutical sector. MSI's clients have included Sanofi-Aventis[8], Shire Pharmaceuticals[9], Orion Pharma Sweden[10]. The MSI site also contains an article designed to support pharma firms in 'Communicating With Key NHS People' and on How Better Customer Insight Can Drive Increased Prescribing (or in other words how pharma's can adapt their marketing 'to ensure' that they 'are pressing those 'hot buttons’' with an understanding of 'prescribing triggers'[11]). The site also has an article on 'Patient Compliance'. This relates to the 'millions and millions of pounds' that the pharmaceutical industry spends 'chasing new patients', and as the article states, 'once we have them in the net, we let as many of half of them go again'. The article claims that 'this is a worry for the pharmaceutical industry, because patients not taking their medicine, especially in chronic conditions, means fewer sales and the need to spend marketing resources finding new patients'.

Dewsbury Partnership, Greater Pollok Social Inclusion Partnership, Huddersfield Pride, Hulme City Challenge, Kirkless Partnership, Knutton Cross Neighbourhood Management Initiative, Lewisham Voluntary Training Network, North Huyton New Deal for Communities, Opportunity Wales, Places for People, Pool of London Partnership, Preston Road (Hull) Regeneration, Quarriers, Speke Garston Partnership, URS Corporation, West Central Halifax Partnership, Campbell Lee (Consultants), Dogtag.co.uk (insurance), Edinburgh Conveyancing Forum, Hays Systems Ltd, Health Education Board for Scotland, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, ICScotland, Innovation Digital, s1.com, AW Trotman Associates, Borders Primary Care NHS Trust, Countryside Agency, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, American Express Foreign Exchange, Bank of Wales, Bristol & West Building Society, Campbell Dallas, Chartered Trust, Derbyshire Building Society, Direct Line Financial Services, Exeter Friendly Society, Financial Marketing Consultancy, FIRSTPLUS Financial Services, Legal & General Direct, Lloyds Bowmaker Finance, Lloyds TSB, Marlborough Stirling, MBNA, NAAFI Financial Services, Nationwide Building Society, NCM, NNG Finance, Nottingham Building Society, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sainsbury`s Bank, Scottish Crofters Credit Union, Standard Life, Student Loans Company, Tesco Personal Finance, West Bromwich Building Society, Bahlsen Biscuits, Barr Soft Drinks, (Irn Bru), Baxters Foods, Belhaven Beer, Brace`s Bakery, Capper & Co, Carotini, Competition Commission, Crabbies Green Ginger, Golden Wonder Crisps, Grampian Country Foods, Highlander Crisps, Invergordon Distillers, Leaf, Macrae Seafood, Marshalls Macaroni, McDonalds, New Yorker Cereal Bars, Paterson Arran, Quality Meat Scotland, Scottish Pork Initiative, Scottish Pride, Scottish Quality Beef & Lamb Association, Swankies, Wiseman Dairies, Yeo-Organic and a whole host of councils, police authorities and universities/colleges from across Scotland, England and Wales.

MRUK also provides services in the form of 'Citizen Panels'[13]. It also works with 'nationally recognised public relations and design agencies' in providing Communication and Marketing services[14].

  • 2CV - Global integrated qualitative and quantitative research.

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