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Boscobel & Partners is a London-based lobbying and financial PR firm founded in 2015 by George Trefgarne.


In March 2017, Boscobel & Partners is listed as handling media enquiries for the April 2017 Prosperity UK conference in London, which sought to 'encourage leaders from business, universities and policy-making to look constructively at Britain's future outside the European Union'.[1]

Prosperity UK is advised by two think tanks; the Legatum Institute and Open Europe.[2]

Lobbying clients

The UK's inadequate statutory register of consultant lobbyists documents only those clients on whose behalf Boscobel & Partners has lobbied ministers, or the most senior officials in the UK government.[3] This, then, is likely to be only a very partial list of its lobbying clients:

July to September 2017

Heathrow Hub

April to June 2017

Marshall Wace | Prosperity UK 2017 Limited

January to March 2017

Prosperity UK 2017 Limited

October to December 2016

Heathrow Hub | Marshall Wace | Henderson Group (investment management company based in London)

July 2016-September 2016

Heathrow Hub

April - June 2016

Heathrow Hub

January - March 2016

Heathrow Hub

October - December 2015

Heathrow Hub

July - September 2015

No clients reported.



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  • Address: 53-59 Chandos Place, London, WC2N 4HS