Bilderberg 1996 Toronto

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A Bilderberg conference took place in Toronto, Canada, on 30 May - 2 June 1996.[1]


  • Status Report on the Alliance
  • Former Yugoslavia
  • Russia: Political Forces and Economic Prospects
  • Europe: the Politics of EU Enlargement
  • Has Europe's Economy Run out of Steam?
  • Will the Enlarged Union Survive EMU's Succes or Failure?
  • The US Agenda
  • The Israeli Election
  • How and How Much can the Western World Grow Economically?
  • WTO and World Bank: Briefing
  • Where is China Going?[2]


The Toronto Star reported: "Conrad Black's version of the Bilderberg Conference, now playing at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's luxury resort in King City, north of Toronto, has assembled an impressive array of 120 business and political leaders and thinkers from Europe and North America for off-the-record encounters.[3]


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