Asia-Pacific Security Challenges

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The Asia-Pacific Security Challenges conference was held by the Prague Security Studies Institute in partnership with the Prague Security Studies Institute Washington on 7-9 September 2008.[1].

Conference Overview

The conference was designed to address the threat to security posed by "terrorism, nuclear proliferation and spread of weapons of mass destruction, deadly diseases, drug trafficking as well as energy and food security", in the Asia-Pacific area which is described as "the most unstable region of the contemporary world".

The reasons for this instability according to the conference outline are:

  • The fallout from Middle East tensions, particularly the conflict in Iraq
  • The Iranian regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  • Instability in Afghanistan
  • Terrorist insurgencies in "lawless Western Pakistan, possibly along with Osama Bin Laden"
  • Nuclearised North Korea.
  • China is also identified as a security threat for:
"Seeking a position of regional hegemon, challenging the influence of the U.S.", the reason for this is put down to "China's goal may be to fundamentally change the post-WWII strategic balance in the region, carefully built by the Americans, in it's favour." China is accused of "Unscrupulous" trade with authoritarian regimes in Sudan, Venezuela and Mynamar[2].


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