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The Armstrong Foundation is a charity sponsored by Armstrong World Industries, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturing company.[1]

Directors 2015

  • David S. Cookson, Director. Senior Vice President, ABP Americas, Armstrong World Industries
  • Ellen R. Romano, Director. Senior Vice President, HR & Government Relations, Armstrong World Industries
  • Stephen H. Poole, Director. Vice President, Business Development, Armstrong World Industries
  • Leslie J. Kulis, Director. General Manager, AFP Customer Service, Armstrong World Industries[1]


  • Christopher Parisi, Vice President, Corporate Governance, Armstrong World Industries
  • David S. Cookson, President. Senior Vice President, ABP Americas, Armstrong World Industries
  • Michelle Trabosh, Assistant Secretary. Vice President, Tax, Armstrong World Industries
  • Thomas J. Waters, Vice President and Treasurer. Vice President Treasury and Investor Relations, Armstrong World Industries[1]


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