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Anne Lapping is a documentary producer with and Director of Brook Lapping, a company her husband Brian Lapping established; she is the former executive producer and founder of Channel 4's A Week in Politics (1982 - 1997). From the Ten Alps biography: "After studying at the LSE she began her working career as a journalist on New Society and later worked for The Economist. In television, she worked with David Frost and John Birt for London Weekend Television, becoming a presenter and producer on Weekend World. She started the independent company, Brook Associates, (with David Elstein) in 1982. She is a governor of LSE, deputy chair of the Central and North West London Mental Health Trust and a director of the Scott Trust."[1] Discussing her first job in broadcasting with Sarah Kitson, she says "John Birt was leaving Granada to start up Weekend World at London Weekend Television. My husband and John had worked together. John Birt was trying hard to put a team together quickly and I got a job as a researcher and reporter" [2]

In 2005, both Anne and Brian Lapping were awarded the C.B.E. (Commander of the order of the British Empire) title. She is an LSE alumnus.

Documentary Production

Exec. Producer for:

  • The Blair Decade
  • Satellite Wars
  • Can't Pay, Won't Pay
  • A Vote For Hitler
  • A Strike Out of Time



  • Anne Lapping, Community Action, Fabian Society, 1970.


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