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Ten Alps is a media production company that produces documentaries of factual materials mostly for TV, but also radio, internet and print. Although it is UK-based, much of its output is distributed world-wide. The origin of Ten Alps is Planet 24 and the merging with Brook Lapping (a documentary production company set up by Brian Lapping and Norma Percy).

Part of a trend

Two trends explain the emergence of media production companies in the UK: (1) the shedding of in-house production at the BBC (introduced by John Birt) and (2) the increasing competition in the UK TV market. Ten Alps is among the beneficiaries of these developments.

BBC sheds, others reap

As part of the restructuring of the BBC during the early 1990s BBC producers were given the flexibility of acquiring external (non-BBC) programs. This was sold as "producers' choice" and the consequences were dramatic. Most BBC producers saw this as a threat but also an opportunity. The threat was that in-house production would be progressively scaled down, and job security at the BBC would be undermined. Furthermore, in-house production costs would be slashed -- hence undermining the possibility of quality or innovative productions. The opportunity that arose was for independent companies to produce content for the BBC, and in response most of the BBC top producers set up their own production companies (while in many instances remaining at the BBC). Most of the initial content contracts were obtained by the former BBC producers through the informal in-house "old boy" network agreement. (Initially, opportunity to sell to the BBC was not accessible to non-former BBC producers). The BBC's restructuring created conditions for the emergence of dozens of companies. Although most of the companies are centered in London around the White City area (surrounding the BBC), several other companies have arisen in the other BBC broadcasting areas. These companies can be described as either commercial operations (companies set up for profit) or content production for political purposes (companies which aim to sell a specific message). While in the past the BBC retained editorial and quality control, the reliance on the outside producers has enabled producers to sell a message that otherwise would not have been broadcast. An example: Israeli interests bought into several production companies set up by former BBC producers, and this enabled them to market documentaries with an Israeli-slant.

Other shake-ups

While the BBC was shaken up, the remainder of the UK TV/media market also underwent major restructuring. The main media companies, ITV, Granada, etc. were suddenly subject of takeovers and inevitably this put pressure on managers to improve profits, thus reduce costs, which inevitably led to outsourcing of content acquisition. Again, developments in the TV media landscape in the UK gave rise to independent companies that could sell content to the remaining commercial broadcasters. Once again, Ten Alps is one of the players in this market.




  • Public TV which offers 15 dedicated digital TV channels.
  • won the contract to produce Kent TV for Kent County Council which went live in September 2007. *working closely with the Nobel Foundation and the Norwegian government on developing a Peace Channel.[2]


  • Recent acquisitions include Atalink, Mongoose and education & CSR specialists dbda. We also have two bespoke marketing agencies – RMA and MTD[3]


The principal subsidiaries of the Group during the year to March 2007
Company name Country of incorporation, registration and operation Class of capital, % held Description of activity
3BM TV LimitedEngland & WalesOrdinary 100%Direct Film Production
Atalink LimitedEngland & WalesOrdinary 100%Direct Contract Publishing
Blakeway Productions LimitedEngland & WalesOrdinary 100% DirectFilm and Radio Production
Brook Lapping Productions*England & WalesOrdinary 100% IndirectFilm and Radio Limited Production
Cameron Publishing Limited`England & WalesOrdinary 100% IndirectContract Publishing
Education Digital Limited^England & WalesOrdinary 70% IndirectProduction of Education Films
HDTV LimitedEngland& WalesOrdinary 100% DirectFilm and Radio Production
Know Comment+England & WalesOrdinary 100% IndirectAgency and Media Training
Ten Alps Live LimitedEngland & WalesOrdinary 100% DirectEvent Organisers
Ten Alps MTD Limited ScotlandOrdinary 100% Direct Preference 100% DirectAdvertising and Marketing Services
Ten Alps RMA LimitedEngland & WalesOrdinary 100% DirectAdvertising and Marketing Services
Ten Alps Publishing LimitedEngland & WalesOrdinary 100% Direct Preference 100% DirectContract Publishing
Ten Alps TV LimitedEngland & WalesOrdinary 100% DirectFilm and Radio Production
  • Subsidiary of Brook Lapping Holdings Limited
^ Subsidiary of Brook Lapping Productions Limited
+ Subsidiary of Ten Alps TV Limited
~ Subsidiary of Ten Alps Publishing [4]


Board of Directors



Ten Alps Plc Head Office
9 Savoy Street
London WC2E 7HR
Tel: 020 7878 2311
Fax: 020 7878 2483
Website: www.tenalps.com


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