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Alternative Investment Management Association, 2nd Floor, 167 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2EA

The Alternative Investment Management Association - AIMA - is the hedge fund industry's global trade association.

Representation in the European Commission

Kevin Charlton, tax director at KPMG, and Neil Oliver represent the Alternative Investment Management Association on the European Commission's Expert Group on automatic exchange of financial account information. The aim of the group is to assist the EU member states on tax laws and collecting the full amount of tax owed to them.[1]



  • Christen Thomson, Director of Communications. "Christen also works closely with AIMA’s CEO and Executive Director in engaging with policymakers and their constituents on behalf of the hedge fund industry."[2]
Alternative Investment Management Association, 167 Fleet Street (just round the corner from lobbying agency Hume Brophy)



In 2012 AIMA commissioned a report titled “The value of the hedge fund industry to investors, markets, and the broader economy” in partnership with KPMG and the Centre for Hedge Fund Research at Imperial College, London. The paper notes the substantial social benefits of hedge funds such as employing 300,000 people globally, generating £3.2 billion in UK tax revenues and their stewardship of assets for “socially valuable investors”. [5]

Contacts 2nd Floor, 167 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2EA


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