All-Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Storage

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Storage (APPGES) was set up in 2015.

The Renewable Energy Association acts as the group's secretariat.

The APPG's purpose is to 'engage parliamentarians interested in energy storage technologies and their applications, bringing them together with businesses, NGOs and experts in the field of energy storage to share information, promote awareness and debate future policy options.' [1]


The Renewable Energy Association's website outlines why the group was set up in the context of the energy industry:

'Energy storage technologies have the potential to revolutionise the UK’s energy mix, increasing capacity and efficiency across the energy spectrum. Far from belonging to the future energy storage technologies, from big batteries to pumped hydro, are already a reality. Work on their application has begun in the UK, but, if their incredible potential is to be realised, further development and deployment must be actively supported.

'Renewable energy is vital for the UK’s future; it means less reliance on energy imports, lower bills, more jobs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Growth in renewable technologies is strong but if we are to achieve a sustainable low-carbon future, a solution must be found to the problem of wrong-time or intermittent supply. Energy storage offers such a solution.' [2]


Officers Feb-April 2016


The Renewable Energy Association acts as the secretariat to the APPGES, helping the officers to manage events and meetings, as well as day-to-day administrative tasks.

As of June 2015, the REA was registered to have paid (in bands of £1,500) £6,001-£7,500 in benefits to the group.[3]


The contact person for the group is James Court, a representative of the Renewable Energy Associations.

Address: 2nd Floor, 25 Eccleston Place, London SW1W 9NF


Tel:020 7925 3570. [6]


The group's official website can be found on the Renewable Energy Association's website:


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