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Alexander Gauland has been described as an 'elder'[1] and 'vice-chairman'[2] of the Eurosceptic party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

In May 2016, the AfD vice-chairman sparked controversy when he asserted that "people wouldn't want Boateng as a neighbor," referring to German national team defender Jerome Boateng, whose father is from Ghana. [3] Co-chairwoman Frauke Petry distanced herself from that statement at the time, but an interview in September 2016 with "Die Welt" similarly prompted accusations of racism - even from within her own party. [4]



Gauland has declared AfD ‘the natural allies' of the anti-Islam PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) movement and attended one of its demonstrations in December 2014[5]

On Muslim immigration

Gauland has called for a stop to the migration into Germany of Muslims from the Middle East who 'aren’t willing or able to integrate'.[2]



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