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Alex Marunchak is a former senior executive editor of the News of the World.[1]

Police interpreter

Marunchak worked as a freelance Ukrainian interpreter for the Metropolitan Police between 1980 and 2000.[2]

News of the World

In 1985, actress Susan Silvey accused Marunchak and another News of the World reporter, Annette Witheridge, of fabricating an interview with her, leading to the loss of an exclusive deal with the Sunday Mirror. The complaint was rejected by the Press Council.[3]

In 1987, Marunchak, Nicholas Lloyd, the then editor of the News of the World and News Group Newspapers lost a libel case to a barrister who had been detained by police at a 'blue film club' which he had visited while no films were being shown to assess evidence in an upcoming court case.[4]

In November 1995, Sue Harris, the newsdesk secretary of The People was "caught red handed by private detectives, meeting Alex Marunchak, associate editor of the Murdoch-owned News of the World. The detectives estimated that she had made pounds 25,000 out of her dealings" with News of the World. The incident was exposed shortly after Piers Morgan left the News of the World to edit the Daily Mirror.[5]

From 1996 to 2006, Marunchack worked in Ireland.[6]

Hurst email interception

According to the BBC's Panorama, Marunchak, received emails obtained via a trojan virus from the computer of Ian Hurst, a former soldier who had served in army intelligence in Northern Ireland. Hurst's computer was reportedly hacked by a former military intelligence colleague who passed the emails to Marunchak.[7]

The hacker was reportedly hired by two former police officers hired in turn as private detectives by Marunchak.[8]

The Daily Telegraph has claimed that Kevin Fulton was also hacked in the episode.[9]

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