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Alex Hickman is co-director of Change Britain, which was set up by members of Vote Leave to make sure that Brexit happens.

He is also director of Prosperity UK, which hosts conferences and which says it was created 'to encourage leaders from business, universities and policy-making to look constructively at Britain's future outside the European Union.'

Eurosceptic causes

Hickman has a long history of working for eurosceptic causes.

He describes himself as CEO of a 'sequence' of political campaigns opposing UK adoption of the euro and then championing reform of the EU. These included: Business for Sterling; The No Campaign; and Vote 2004.[1]

In autumn 2004 Hickman co-founded and was CEO of Open Europe.

He became outreach director at Vote Leave in the lead up to the 2016 referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.

Political career

Hickman was an advisor to David Cameron c2006-2007.


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