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Alec Steven Leighton (born 1958) is a former Metropolitan Police officer who has run a number of private investigation companies, including Mayfayre, now called Charterhouse and Global Risks Group.


On leaving the police Leighton started a series of business ventures, one of which was the intelligence consultancy Mayfayre with another ex-Met officer Keith Hunter. Through Mayfayre, Leighton is involved in several well-known policing scandals.

Linked to the Daniel Morgan murder case and the phone hacking scandal

As a director of Mayfayre, Leighton had longterm business relations with Jonathan Rees, the investigator whose company, Southern Investigations is implicated in the phone-hacking scandal.[1] Rees ran a company with Leighton's wife as the only other director for almost a decade starting in 1994. (See below in the company overview.[2][3]

In 1987, Rees' partner in Southern Investigations Daniel Morgan was found with an axe embedded in his head in car park. His family has long claimed that the killing was an “execution” aiming at silencing him because he was about to expose corruption at the highest levels inside the Metropolitan Police. Rees has been charged with the murder in the past, but was never convicted. In 2013, Home Secretary Theresa May ordered independent review into the Daniel Morgan murder. A Hillsborough-style panel now examines 25 years of police failures and acknowledged corruption, while investigative research found new links between Rees, his work for News of the World, police corruption and the killing.[4][5]

Links to corruption in the Stephen Lawrence murder case

Mayfayre employed a former Metropolitan detective who has long been at the centre of corruption allegations. John Davidson was part of the first team investigating the murder of Stephen Lawrence. In March 2014, the Ellison Review acknowledged that Davidson had been in a corrupt relationship with Clifford Norris, the father of one the murderers of Stephen Lawrence. Ellison concluded that this relationship was surpressed when the MacPherson Inquiry first investigated persistant rumours of corruption in the Lawrence murder investigation.[6] The judge-led Pitchford Inquiry into undercover policing that started in 2015 now includes the re-investigation of Davidson.

As a private detective after leaving the Met, Davidson had an officer conducting Police National Computer checks for him. An appendix to the Ellison Report confirms that Davidson was working for Mayfayre at the time.[7]

List of companies associated with Alec Leighton

For the Mayfayre group of companies see under that page. See also River Enterprises (GW) Ltd at RISC-ISC Global company network for a curious link to RISC Management, run by his former partner, Keith Lindsay Hunter.

Company Names & Number Addresses Incorporation & Dissolution Directors & Shareholders Notes
Charterhouse Investigations Ltd (03577542)[8][9]

Its original name was Mayfayre Associates (UK) Ltd until 21 September 1999

147 Elgar Avenue
8 June 1998

Goes dormant in 2003 and is dissolved in 2005.

Alec Steven Leighton (8 June 1998 - 30 Oct 1998; 1 Mar 2001 - end)
Kenneth Beever (8 June 1998 - 28 Feb 2001)
Janet Beever (30 Oct 1998 - 28 Feb 2001)
Stephen John Clarke (1 Aug 2001 - 30 Oct 2002)
Pamela Lesley Leighton (14 Mar 2003 - end)
Original registered office given as Suite 17, City Business Centre, Lower Road, London, SE16 1AA, the address of JPCord Ltd, a chartered accountancy / company registration firm.
Charterhouse International Ltd (04824268)[10] 147 Elgar Avenue

Address changed on 20 Dec 2004 to 5 Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Reading, RG7 8NN.

7 July 2003

Active until 2007; dissolved and struck off 2008.

Alec Steven Leighton (10 Nov 2003 - 1 Feb 2007)
Sarah Louise Leighton (10 Nov 2003 - 31 Jan 2005)
Maurice Leon David White (1 Aug 2006 - end)
Pamela Leslie Leighton (1 Aug 2006 - end)
Note, an earlier company of this name (number: 01975877) existed from 1986 to 2002 but no apparent link assertained at this point.[11]
Export Control Ltd (04973565)[12][13] 147 Elgar Avenue, etc. 24 Nov 2003

Active until 2005; dissolved 21 Feb 2006.

Bernadette Maria Anne Peers 16 Feb 2004 - end)
Mary Patricia Lynch (16 Feb 2004)
Alec Steven Leighton (Managing Director) (16 Feb 2004 - 23 Nov 2004)
Global Risks Group Ltd (06805349)[14][15] Richmond Bridge House,
419 Richmond Road,

Previous address (until 9 Mar 2009) was 8 Ferndale Way, Farnbrough Village, Kent, BR6 7EL.

29 Jan 2009

Active until 2010; dissolved 2011.

Keith Pedder (29 Jan 2009 - end)[16][17]
Alec Steven Leighton (7 July 2009 - end)

100% owned by Keith Peddar & Alec Leighton.

Nature of business listed as 'investigation & security'.
Moon Card Services Ltd (06732796)[18] 68 Greenways,
KT10 0QJ.
24 Oct 2008

Dissolved 2010

Ashley Segunoshin (24 Oct 2008 - end)
William McKelvie (24 Oct 2008 - end)
Alec Steven Leighton (24 Oct 2008 - 25 Nov 2008)
Savetek Ltd (08135680)[19] 1 Diesel House,
Honey Hill,
RG40 3BL
9 July 2012

In liquidation 2015.

Keith Shipton (9 July 2012 - )
Reginald James McIntyre (30 Jan 2013 - )
Alec Steven Leighton (1 Apr 2013 - )

100% owned by Keith Shipton

Reg McIntyre is an IT/Telecoms project management specialist.[20] Keith Shipton is a business entrepreneur with a background in IT, and currently runs Redwick Tech[21][22]

There are several links between Leighton and Rees. According to an article in the Independent they have worked together.[23] Leighton's wife owned a company with Rees - Timeshare Helpline Ltd:

Company Names & Number Addresses Incorporation & Dissolution Directors & Shareholders Notes
Timeshare Helpline Ltd (02919722)[24][25]

Initially incorporated as Seymour Corporation Ltd (name changed 3 June 1994)

First Floor, Charter House, 26 Claremont Road, Surbiton, KT6 4RD

Previous addresses: (i) Suite 8884, 72 New Bond Street, London, W1Y 9DD (incorporation).
(ii) 7 Kent Lodge, Inner Park Road, Wimbledon, SW19 6DU (from 27 July 1994).
(iii) Warwick Lodge, Berrylands Road, Surbiton, KT5 8QX (from 15 Jan 1996 until 18 June 1998).

15 April 1994

Active until 2003; dissolved 2005.

Pamela Leighton (3 July 1995 - end)
William Jonathon Rees (13 May 1994 - 1 Dec 2004)
Jonathan Rees is registered to 69-71 High Street, Thornton Heath,[26] which is several doors down from 53 High Street, the address of Southern Investigations, the private investigation company run by Rees.

This company should not be confused with more recent outfits carrying the same name: Timeshare Helpline Ltd (05448774 - ran 2005 to 2008 b Patrick and Louise O'Connor)[27] and The Timeshare Ltd (04027655)[28]

People in the network of companies

  • Stephen John Clarke: born 1961, he ran the Metshield / Metropolitan Personal Security Service network of companies,[29][30] where another Mayfayre connected director, Ian Joyes, was also briefly a director (see under Mayfayre). Steve Clarke would subsequently be investigated for phone tapping on behalf of News of the World, where he was apparently tasked by Alex Marunchak to bug Princess Diana and worked along side Sid Creasy of Southern Investigations.[31]
  • Kenneth & Janet Beever: - see under Mayfayre.
  • Pamela Lesley Leighton: born 1957, lives at same address as Alec Leighton. Also serves as director of Mayfayre Executive Recruitment and Timeshare Helpline Ltd.[32][33][34] She appeared in a 1997 article as Lesley Leighton, speaking on behalf of Timeshare Helpline, arguing that banks were partly responsible for difficulties in dealing with rogue timeshare companies.[35]
  • Sarah Louise Leighton: born 1983 and resident at the same property as Pamela and Alec Leighton. The only directorship identified for her is Charterhouse International Ltd.[36][37]
  • Keith Pedder; born 1956, he is a former Metropolitan Police detective, best known for leading the 1992 investigation of the murder of Rachel Nickell. He was blamed for the collapse of the trial against Colin Stagg based on a honey pot undercover operation used to make him confess, Operation Edzell. Retiring December 1995 after 20 years service, he became a private investigator. Pedder got into trouble writing a book proving that the undercover operation had been overseen by Pedder's bosses Commander Roy Ramm and DAC Ian Johnston, and approved by David Veness [38] In 1998 he was accused of corruption for getting a former police colleague to do a search on the Police National Computer to check if a client of Peddar's was under police surveillance. Pedder would claim the subsequent prosecution was motivated to stop him publishing a book on the Nickell's investigation.[39]
  • Maurice Leon David White: born 1945; a property developer / consultant.[40][41]
  • Mary Patricia Lynch: born 1955; former Chief Executive of the English Tourism Council (2000-2003); tourism marketing consultant and business mentor.[42][43] Had her own company Mary Lynch Associates Ltd (2004-2013), in which her co-director was Bernadette Peers.[44]
  • Bernadette Peers: business associate of Mary Lynch[45] Currnetly Compliance Manager with the Strategic Shipping Company, she was from 2001 to 2004 a Head of Communications for the Department of Trade and Industry, including from 2002 of the Export Control Organisation, from there becoming Compliance Manager with the Strategic Shipping Company Ltd. Earlier in her career she had been a fraud investigator in the DTI. She then appears to have specialised in defence related exports and has subsequently maintained strong links with the defence industry, including as a member of the Export Group for Aerospace and Defence (EGAD) and as chair of the IBC Global Trade Controls events.[46][47]
  • William McKelvie: born 1961[48] Founding director of Intelligence Management Ltd (from 29 June 2005, where he holds 75%. The other founding director is Gillian McKelvie who owns 25%. The company is registered to the 68 Greenways address.[49]
  • Ashley Segunoshin: born 1968, a British-Nigerian businessman based in London where he founded ran the Ashosh Group, which has a variety of interests.[50][51] His ability to trade was removed by the Financial Services Authority in 2011[52] and he subsequently said to have absconded with investors money.[53]

Associated companies

Associated people



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