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Aegis Trust was established in 2000 to campaign "to prevent genocide worldwide". It is a spinoff of the The Holocaust Centre (at Beth Shalom Ltd). It works in partnership with several governmental or quasi-governmental bodies dealing with Holocaust education or genocide. From its "About Us" description:

Today, the Aegis Trust works with a wide range of partners, including governmental, non-governmental, educational and academic institutions around the world.
Aegis works closely with several UK government departments on Holocaust and genocide issues. It plays a leading role in the Intergovernmental Task Force for Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research established by Bill Clinton, Goran Persson and Tony Blair in 1998. As special advisor to the Swedish Prime Minister's Office on genocide issues, Aegis Director Stephen Smith has been involved in the organisation of the Stockholm International Forum since the start.

Aegis Trust is a lobbying group seeking to avert genocide, and acts on several levels. Its activities include visiting and establishing relationships with other groups that have been subjected to genocide, Rwanda in particular. Its main activities since 2005 have been to push for action on Darfur where it claims a genocide is on-going. It placed an ad in the 20 Oct 2006 IHT seeking EU action on Darfur.

Julian Borger wrote:

Earlier this month [August], Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that two activist pressure groups, the Save Darfur Coalition and the Aegis Trust, lacked solid proof for their claim in an advertising campaign that 400,000 "innocent men, women and children" had been killed in Darfur. The ASA concluded that "there was a division of informed opinion about the accuracy of the figure contained in the ad and it should not have been presented in such a definitive way".

Nevertheless, the Save Darfur Coalition and the Aegis Trust were forced to retreat over the figures. They admit there is no definitive proof for the 400,000 claim, but still believe it reflects reality.[1]

The ASA report is available online.[2]



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