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Adrian Radford
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Alias: Ian Farmer
Deployment: 1994-2007
BlackChrysalis, London School of Surveillance
Equality Alliance, OutRage!, SHAC

Adrian David Radford (born 16 February 1970) was a corporate spy who also worked for 'the government' and for the police. Using the name Ian Farmer, he was active in gay rights groups, the Equality Alliance and OutRage! before moving on to the animal rights campaign, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. Prior to his time as an activist, he is believed to have served with army intelligence until the early 1990s. In the late 2000s, he set up his two security firms, BLACKchrysalis and the London School of Surveillance.

Most of this profile is based on the two lengthy interviews Radford gave in 2009, to Jack Grimston for The Times and to Dutch television. However, it has been difficult to verify much of the information provided through authoritative sources.

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Military background

Radford's background was in the military, and in the 2009 interviews he claimed to have served with the Army Intelligence Corps in Northern Ireland from 1987 to 1994.[1][2] In 1997, as 'Ian Farmer', he was described in media as a former army intelligence sergeant.[3]

Little else is known of his military career other than what has been reported on the 'Army Rumour Service' web forum, though that is difficult to verify. According to contributors there, Radford was connected to military intelligence corps, including 'serving in a very prestige Corps Unit which aims to highlight security vulnerabilities through discreet methods', and participating in several courses, including an 'SQ Int course' in Oct 1993.[4][5][6] He has apparently also claimed to have been an instructor for the Secret Intelligence Services and a member of the Anti Terrorist Survey Team (part of Military Intelligence).[7] Members of another forum place him with the 14 Intelligence Company in Northern Ireland in the 1990s, although some state that he has exaggerated his military experience somewhat.[8]

Several threads from ARRSE indicate that Radford was active in amateur dramatics while in the army.[9] In this context, one 'subbsonic' shared this anecdote:[10]

... I played an under-cover police officer during the Winchester By Pass [Twyford Down road] protest, so convincingly that I got one of the protestors pregnant. More difficult for my co star Adrian Radford who could not get Lawrence pregnant, no matter how hard he tried.

He asked to leave the Army the military in 1994 because of his sexuality.[1]

Gay rights campaigns

'Ian Farmer' (with glasses) next to Peter Tatchell, Outrage! at the Canterbury pulpit. Photo: David Hoffman / Outrage! archives

After leaving the army over his sexuality, Radford said that under the name Ian Farmer he began a campaigning for equal rights for gay people in the military, which came to an end in 2001.[2] In 1997 he is one of a number of ex-armed forces individuals who launched cases against the Ministry of Defence over its discrimination policies around sexuality.[3] Though it is not yet confirmed, this campaigning is likely to have taken place with the group 'Rank Outsiders' (see below).

In 1998 he becomes active in wider gay rights campaigning, including the protest group OutRage! led by Peter Tatchell. However, his main focus was the Equality Alliance, and as 'Ian Farmer' he seems to have been the main driver behind it.[11]

He also claims to have worked as a private spy for corporate intelligence firms and the government during the period 1994 to 2004,[1] but the extent to which this may have been linked to his gay rights activism is unknown.

Equality Alliance

'Ian Farmer' arrested at OutRage! Canterbury protest. Photo: David Hoffman / Outrage! archives

The Equality Alliance was a relaunch of the Campaign for Equality Standing Forum, which took place on 4 April 1998 at the Conway Hall, London. The Alliance brought together 70+ organisations,[12] many of them having put aside political differences to present a united front on outstanding issues relating to gay rights.[13] The EA was campaigning for a change in the age of consent for homosexual sex to bring it on a par with legislation for heterosexuals.[14]

The press release names 'Farmer' as the co-ordinator of the launch event and provides his contact details,[15] while press reports have him down as the event's organiser.[16] By June 1998, 'Farmer' is a spokesperson and 'PR Coordinator' for the EA,[14] and in 1999 he signs as Action Coordinator.[17]

Initially the Equality Alliance focused on the campaign for the repeal of 'Section 28' (a piece of law from 1988 prohibiting 'promotion of homosexuality') and the lowering of the age of consent in line with heterosexual sexual relations, claiming that the New Labour government had broken its election promises on homosexuality.[18] The Alliance also campaigned closely with OutRage! including on promoting tougher legislation on homophobic hate crime.[19]

In 1999, 'Farmer' spoke out after the Soho pub bombings, accusing the police of delays in informing the gay community of danger from right-wing groups.[20] He said that in the wake of two racist bombings in London, unlike the police, the group had put out warnings of further attacks from the likes of Combat 18 against gay venues. It is not clear what intelligence this was based upon, though it was proven right following the third bombing, that of Soho pub the Admiral Duncan. The bombings were all done by the same person, neo-Nazi David Copeland.[21]

Continuing as 'Ian Farmer' of the Equality Alliance, he was a speaker at the keynote debate at the Lesbian and Gay Equality 2000 Conference in Manchester. The other speakers were Peter Tatchell (OutRage!), Angela Mason (Stonewall) & Jackie Lewis (co-chair, UNISON National Lesbian and Gay Committee).[22]

However, after 2000, the Equality Alliance seems to disappear from the public record - though 'Farmer' continued as a gay-activist.

Rank Outsiders

The chair of the Equality Alliance was the former Royal Navy officer Duncan Lustig-Prean,[23] who was a leading figure in the campaign to overturn the ban on homosexuality in the armed services. In particular he was Chair and campaigns director for Rank Outsiders group, having previously been Deputy Director General for Liberty. His LinkedIn profile describes him as being Chair of both the Equality Alliance and Rank Outsiders from January 1995 to January 2000.[24] Rank Outsiders was also named as a founding member of the Equality Alliance, along with OutRage![25]

The degree to which Radford was active in Rank Outsiders is unknown. The group worked closely with Stonewall from 1995 on the campaign around the armed forces.[26][27][28] However, by 1999, a split had emerged, with Lustig-Prean, the Equality Alliance and OutRage! on one side and Stonewall on the other, with the former being critical over Stonewall's closeness to New Labour.[29]


'Ian Farmer of Outrage! Kent' 10 Nov 2005

A leading gay rights campaigner, Tatchell recalls that Radford/Farmer was on quite a few of OutRage! protests at the time.[11] In particular, he was at Tatchell's side when on 12 April 1998 the group occupied the pulpit of Canterbury Cathedral where Archbishop Carey was giving the Easter Sermon. This was part of a protest over the Archbishop's stance on homosexuality. 'Farmer' can be seen in photographs from the day, both in the pulpit, and being led away by police.[30]

'Farmer' would trade on his role in the Canterbury occupation when he went on to infiltrate animal rights.[31]

On 5 July 1998, he was arrested at the London Pride March. He subsequently made a complaint claiming it was a malicious arrest, but the complaint became stuck as it was apparently mis-recorded. The lack of progress was included in a wider letter of complaint by OutRage! to the Government.[32][33]

In 2005, Radford - still using the alias Ian Farmer - was active as the organiser of the Kent branch of Outrage! He led a successful campaign against Medway Council for failing to permit same-sex civil partnerships ceremonies at their offices. Following protests at the council's offices in Strood and the threat of legal action by Radford/Farmer, the Council gave in and allowed the ceremonies to take place from November that year.

At that time, 'Farmer' told the BBC he had lived at St. Mary's Island, Chatham with his partner Anthony Smallman for the previous five years.[34][35] However, a search of electoral records finds nobody of either name registered in the area.[36]

In his application to the Pitchford Inquiry into Undercover Policing, Peter Tatchell wrote that in the 1990s he had been informed OutRage! was the subject of police attention, including infiltration by an undercover police officer. The individual they suspected at the time, had not been trusted by other groups either. Tatchell was not accepted as a core participant in the Inquiry, though Pitchford said he would keep his application under review.[37] To date, no gay rights, or queer activist groups has been named as being infiltrated by police infiltrators in the Undercover Policing Inquiry.[38]

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

Radford told The Times that after working for private security firms and government between 1994 and 2004, he was hired by an unspecified security firm to go undercover investigating animal rights groups.[1]

From 2004 to 2007, Adrian Radford used his Ian Farmer identity to get close to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). The leading anti-vivisection group of its time, SHAC had been spearheading an intense international campaign against animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences since 1999 and as such become the focus of a major policing operation under the aegis of the National Domestic Extremism Coordinator, Anton Setchell.

Radford made his point of entry a high-profile animal rights gathering at a Kent sanctuary in September 2004,[39][40] and immediately sought out leading SHAC activists, in particular befriending Natasha Avery.[1] As far is known, several undercover police officers including "RC" had been placed in animal rights groups and are likely to have been present at this and subsequent gatherings.[41] According to an article in The Guardian, police from the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit announced they were 'keeping a close observation on any illegal activity such as workshops that incite violence.'[42]

Outwardly Radford played up his 'flamboyant character' and became well known for appearing a beagle costume at protests. In 2005, he used the story he had undergone a bowel cancer operation to justify moving to work at the group's headquarters in Little Moorcote, Hampshire, which gave him access to details of finance and supporters.[1] An anonymous poster on Indymedia noted in 2009 (before Mark Kennedy and any of the other undercovers had been exposed and knowledge on their tradecraft had been shared), that Radford claimed to be dying of cancer and used this as a reason for disappearing from time to time; the poster also claimed that Radford was not really trusted at the time.[43]

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty demonstration

Move to working for the police

Radford claims that, when he had gained access to senior SHAC people, he was asked 'to offer his services to the police and was released from his government work to do this'. From there he was 'reporting every detail of its activities to the police'; and 'he supplied his police handlers with detailed information on hardcore extremists.' He claimed he met his handlers daily, at times giving them dozens of documents he was supposed to have burned, or showing them notes on conversations that he had written on his body.[1]

Much of the information regarding his infiltration comes from the interview that Radford gave to The Sunday Times in 2009.[1] In this, Radford claimed that, posing as Farmer he:

  • participated in three attacks of the homes of individuals, including using his car to drive two animal liberation activists to attack the cars and the house of a business executive in Surrey;
  • took part in an night-time raid on a farm in November 2004, and claimed to have liberated hundreds of ducks(in reality he only took nine chickens after being disturbed by the farmer who wielded a shot-gun);
  • purchased paint-stripper and paint from a DIY store in Croydon using SHAC stall money;
  • scuppered several attacks, including one against Lord Sainsbury in Buckinghamshire, where activists were seeking to paint-bomb his car.
  • claimed that after he learned there was to be an incendiary device attack against a haulage depot belonging to chemical supply company BOC, he scuppered the action by volunteering to do it by himself, as a way of proving himself. In his unverified account he purchased an old car, used paint stripper and paint on it, and claimed it was a vehicle belonging to one of BOC's staff;
  • was involved in an attack on five houses connected to suppliers / clients of Huntingdon Life Sciences, which took place several months after the chicken liberation;
  • was present at a meeting where lists of targets were drawn up for circulation to activist cells and provided information on how the Animal Liberation Front organised;
  • would divert blame onto others where he had helped sabotage actions, and denigrating them;
  • attended the June 2006 animal rights gathering 'when the ALF held its first international targeting meeting round a camp fire at the Kent sanctuary at 5.30am.'

In his interview for Dutch national television news NOS, Radford reiterated a number of these actions such as the purchasing of a car to destroy. He also added several other actions such as involvement in mass protests at Heathrow and Manchester airports.[44] This latter incidents appear to be a reference to protests by the anti-vivisection group Gateway to Hell, which targeted these airports in early 2005.[45]

Radford claimed to have prevented a large number of attacks from taking place through his infiltration, as he had access to lists of targets. In several instances, when tasked to stake out particular targets, he reported back to the group that a given property could not be found or that he had spotted security cameras. The aim was to destroy the targeting lists, by making sure there were no targets left, but for 'one or two, and of course the police then placed those under surveillance'. Radford also claimed that, to avoid blowing his cover, 'attacks were allowed to proceed but just to a certain level', and then something or someone else was blamed for the failure.[44][1]

Pulled out

Radford said he was pulled as an undercover in January 2007, when the police was preparing to move against SHAC. The extraction strategy was to have him placed under surveillance so that he would appear to be compromised, and panicked into leaving.[1]

Radford also told The Times that at that time, he was not the only person to be pulled out.[44] It is of note that his time infiltrating overlaps with that of another known undercover officer, exposed as,'RC'. This man was also associated with SHAC and indeed left the animal rights movement in 2006, a number of months before Radford, though there may have been others as well, as yet unidentified.

A few months later, in May 2007, quite a few SHAC activists were arrested under the aegis of the [[National Domestic Extremism Unit]'s Operation Achilles.[46] The resulting trials saw the imprisonment of a number of key activists in January 2009.[47] However, Radford's role in infiltrating the group was never disclosed to the defence. Radford claimed he was protected as a source, with police using the intelligence he provided to generate leads and evidence could be gathered independently without linking back to him.[1] He also specifically stated that: 'The information that I got, as far as I'm aware, has never been directly used as evidence in any of the court cases whatsoever'.[44]

Of his time infiltrating SHAC he said:[1]

I am immensely proud. What we have done will allow people concerned about welfare to speak out without having their views tarnished by these people’s actions.

Through his work with SHAC, Radford came into contact with activists globally, including The Netherlands, Australia and the United States. He said he passed on as much detail as he could to his police handlers, but claimed he did not know if intelligence material on foreign activists was passed on to other governments.[48]

It has been claimed by a poster on Indymedia that Radford sought to infiltrate the Camp for Climate Action, but this has not been confirmed.[49]

A book he wrote in 2009 with the journalist Nick Fielding, 'TARGET ALF', was not picked up by publishers.

Timeline Radford/Farmer

Radford timeline 1.jpg

An overview of the activities of Adrian Radford / Ian Farmer through the years. From his own statements, the year 2000 seems to be a pivotal year: the Equality Alliance ceased to be, somewhere he says his activities for gay rights in the army stopped around then, and he claims he moved the Kent that year. Furthermore, 2005 seems to mark his switch from gay rights to animal rights.

Reliability of claims

Much of what is known of Radford's infiltration comes from his own account only, and there are questions over how much it was embellished. Police monitoring SHAC at the time would have been aware of who 'Ian Farmer' really was, indicating that at the very minimum there was some collusion by the police over Radford's infiltration in general.

However, it is hard to test the degree to which Radford's claims can be relied up on with regards the specifics of his activities. Many of the illegal actions he said he participated in have yet to be identified independently - such as through relevant websites such as BiteBack, which reports on actions by the Animal Liberation Front, or various other outlets.[50]

It is equally possible that Radford may have changed details to disguise them, and there are inaccuracies which may or may not have been deliberate. The first set of inaccuracies in his claims are detailed at Adrian Radford: Reliability of claims.


The Dutch news agency NOS revealed that Radford had been employed by a lobby group known as GHC, apparently set up in 2004, primarily formed of Japanese pharmaceuticals being targeted as part of the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences.[2] Concrete identification of GHC has yet to be made.[51][52] However, around this time five of Japanese companies - Yamanouchi (now Astellas), Daiichi, Asahi Glass, Sankyo Pharma (since merged with Daiichi) and Eisai had taken out a joint injunction against animal rights protestors including SHAC.[53]

Business ventures

Millarmer Ltd (1999-2002)

Radford was director of this company under the name Adrian Farmer, where he lists his occupation as in advertising. One company document notes his previous name was Radford and his signature reads 'Ian Farmer'.

Company details:[54] Directors: Adrian Farmer, Michael Gary Mills

This company was incorporated on 13 August 1999 (company number: 03824760) and dissolved on 14 January 2003. Its registered address was 12 Baltic Court, Archangel Street, London, SE16 1AB, where 'Farmer' and Mills are listed as residing in 2002.[55]

The nature of its business listed as business consultancy, software consultancy and supply, and the occupation of Mills is given as Director of IT.

The Tanning Gallery Ltd (2002-2004)

This company was incorporated on 14 July 2002 (company number 04485146) and dissolved on 16 November 2004. Its registered address was Parkers Charter Accountants at Cornelius House, 178-180 Church Road, Hove. The two directors listed were Adrian Farmer & Anthony James Smallman, both listed as residing at 7A Belgrave Place, Brighton, BN2 1EL. Its two other directors, Elisabeth Rayner and Susan Jean Claydon, were connected with Parkers.[56]

BLACKchryalis (2006 -2010)

Why Radford decided to go public in 2009 is an open question. From comments in his interviews, it may have been to advertise his various security business ventures, as potential clients were apparently concerned he was still in animal rights so 'setting the record straight' was quite important.[44]

Adrian Radford, publicity still from his 'Am I Being Watched' video

The heart of his security business at this time was 'BLACK CHRYSALIS', though it was never formally registered as a company. It offered surveillance and counter/anti-surveillance, as well as 'operational intelligence acquisition, sophisticated covert surveillance internationally... clandestine penetration testing, counter terrorist and covert personal & asset protection in the UK and abroad'.[57] The business also claimed to provide bespoke tracking and locating devices and personal monitoring and alarms for people at risk.[58]

The website was first registered on 2 October 2006, anonymously.[59] This website, mainly active in the period 2008 to 2009, stated that BLACKChyrsalis had 44 operatives[57] with experience 'within the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), GCHQ, British Army Intelligence Corps and UK Police'.[60] The clients lists included government agencies, police forces, special forces units, foreign military units, celebrities, VIPs, security agencies, global charities, major corporations, lawyers, training companies and close protection units.[61]

However, much of the purpose of the website seemed to be to push the sales of Radford's 2008 training / promotional DVD series, 'Am I Being Watched', distributed through Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine.[62] (An opening clip can be found on YouTube). On it, Radford is described as a former instructor for MI6 and UK police.[57]

In March 2008 he also registered a personal website,,[63] which he used for media contacts.[64]

London School of Surveillance Ltd (2009-2010)

Radford was also involved in setting up the London School of Surveillance (LSS), established in June 2009 with a view to providing advanced and bespoke training in surveillance, counter-surveillance and anti-surveillance techniques. Its website at the time ( stated:[65]

LSS brings together the strongest partnership of instructional ability; former British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) trainers, former British Army Intelligence Corps, UK police and Customs and Excise trainers, professional trainers in security management, close protection experts and former directors of foreign counter intelligence units.

Courses offered varied, from one day introductions to the field to significant 5 or 11 day training sessions, the latter costing about £1670; they were accredited using the Ministry of Defence's ELCAS system[66] and to BTEC level 4.[67] The school claimed to use Reading University as a training centre, and to work with oversees centres and the Czech police - with the latter to provide firearms training and realistic experience of hostile situations.[68]

Company Details

The LSS was incorporated 9 June 2009 (company number 06928287) and its registered address was Office 404, 324 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH. Its four founding directors were:[69]

  • Adrian Radford, trainer
  • Simon Tindall, security consultant.[70]
  • Michael Elston, security consultant[71]
  • Angela Vernon-Lawson, risk analyst[72]

Tindal, Elston and Lawson all ceased being directors in December 2010, and the company was wound up in January 2011.[73] It appears there was a falling out between Radford and the other directors, in particular with Angela Lawson.[74] She noted in an online forum that following the parting of ways, Radford misappropriated Lawson Associates' accreditation as a Ministry of Defence ELCAS Provider, by citing her accreditation number on the LSS website.[75]

International Bodyguards Association (2009)

In 2009, Radford was listed as part of the management & consultants for International Bodyguards Services, the Czech Republic branch of the International Bodyguards Association (IBA).[76] Offering training for bodyguards, the IBA is under the control of its Director General, one James Shortt, who has widely been discredited as a military fantasist.[77]

HPS Protect Ltd (2013-2014)

This company was incorporated on 6 June 2013 (company number 08559793) and dissolved in June 2014. It registered address, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PW, is that of a corporate service agents Companies Made Simple. Its two directors were: Adrian David Radford-Shute and Terence Lee Radford-Shute.[78]

It appears to have marketed itself as a specialist in security for historic parks and sites.[79]

Post 2009 activities

Since giving his interviews in 2009, Radford has kept a low profile. He appears to have left the security industry in 2014 having switched careers to that of a therapist. He now goes by his partners' surname.


  • Arjen van der Horst, Wie is Adrian Radford, Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS / a Dutch public service broadcaster), 16 March 2003.

Other Material

An archive of the website has a 2009 biography:[64]

This is the official website of Adrian Radford, a leading international specialist surveillance instructor and consultant.
Adrian Radford served 9 years with the British Military Intelligence Corps, where he specialised in surveillance and counter-surveillance operations. He then joined the British Intelligence Services as a surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter surveillance instructor, until 2004.
Having specialised in espionage, sabotage and subversion, Adrian Radford was then infiltrated as an agent into the Animal Liberation Front. After 4 highly demanding years penetrating the very heart of the global terrorist organisation, the intelligence operation of the decade ended in the succesfull Operation Achilles, which resulted in the decapitation of the ALF and the conviction of its' senior members.
Adrian Radford, having moved abroad, is now an author, presenter and producer of the acclaimed "AM I BEING WATCHED" Anti-surveillance DVD series, filmed in High Definition and true Widescreen with CGI animation and graphics, the series is the first ever training syllabus available for self directed learning to detect if you are being followed, using professional covert skills.
His biography 'TARGET ALF', co-written by author and Sunday Times journalist Nick Fielding, is soon to be released. Adrian has made many TV and Radio appearances including BBC, SKY, Newsnight, Good Morning, BBC Radio 5 Live, Dutch NOS TV and Radio. He has been featured in many broadsheet articles in the British National and International Press. He is currently filming a number of TV documentaries.
Adrian Radford is a key speaker at conferences, seminars and media events. Adrian additionally trains individuals & teams in the professional skills of surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance. Adrian also provides through his international operational company BLACK CHRYSALIS, covert surveillance and counter-surveillance operations. Adrian Radford is a senior instructor at the 'London School of Surveillance'.
Adrian specialises in the study of surveillance planning, a key skill required by close protection and residential security and surveillance detection teams. He is also a specialist counter-terrorist provider and is a consultant editor for Eye Spy Magazine and is a senior consultant for International Security Groups.
To contact Adrian Radford for further information regarding media requests please email
For information relating to accredited security surveillance course providers and course information please email:
To purchase your copy of the anti-surveillance DVD "Am I Being Watched" Vol. 1 please email:


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