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Accuracy in Academia (AIA) is an American non-profit organization, which monitors and targets what it claims is liberal or communist “indoctrination,” on campus and and defends the 'rights' of politically conservative students and staff.[1] It says it “wants schools [i.e., colleges and universities in the United States] to return to their traditional mission-the quest for truth.”[2] [3]

The American Association of University Professors[4] has claimed that the AIA is a threat to academic freedom due to the group’s efforts to recruit students to report professors alleged to “disseminate misinformation.”

The AIA was founded in 1985 by columnist and former Federal Reserve economist Reed Irvine as an outgrowth of Accuracy in Media. It is run by executive director Daniel J. Flynn, the author of the book Why the Left Hates America. AIA operates a sister website, Campus Report Online, which acts as AIA's "online news service in which we document and publicize political bias in education."[1]


Contact details

4455 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 330
Washington, DC 20008
Phone: (202) 364-3085
Fax: (202) 364-4098


Funder : Purpose : Amount : Date
F.M. Kirby Foundation $10,000
General support $5,000 1/1/2001
General support $5,000 1/1/2000
John M. Olin Foundation $20,000
AIA's John M. Olin conference series $10,000 1/1/1999
Regional conferences on college campuses $10,000 1/1/1998[6]


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