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Paul Weston is a British counterjihad activist.[1] He became chairman of the far-right British Freedom Party in November 2011.[2]

He is now the chairman of Liberty GB, which describes itself as 'a patriotic counter-jihad party for Christian civilisation, Western rights and freedoms, British culture, animal welfare and capitalism'. [3]

Weston stood as the UKIP Parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Cities of London & Westminster in the 2010 general election, gaining 664 votes.[4]

In December 2010, Weston visited Israel with a counterjihad delegation which included "Filip de Winter of the Vlaams Belang; Heinz Christian Strache of FPO and Rene Stadtkewitz, leader of the Geert Wilders inspired and recently formed German Freedom Party, or Die Freiheit", according to Weston.[5] Haaretz columnist Adar Primor, described the visit as part of "the very unholy alliance between figures on Israel's right and extreme nationalists and even anti-Semites in Europe that is gaining momentum in the Holy Land."[6]

Following the Utoeya massacre in Norway, Weston attacked the BBC in an article which appeared on the English Defence League website, writing:

have written before that a future religious civil-war will be preceded by tit-for-tat small scale atrocities and now we have seen the start. By shamefully closing down a desperately needed debate in order to pursue perverse and politically driven objectives, Paxman, the BBC and the entire political liberal/left have ensured the inevitability of potential carnage and thus have the blood of future innocents on their hands alongside those of the inevitable psychopathic perpetrator.[7]





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