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William W R Elder is a patron of the Scottish North American Business Council and has been a director of AEHR Test Systems since 1989. Dr. Elder was the Chief Executive Officer of Genus, Inc., a semiconductor company, from his founding of Genus in 1981 to September 1996, and has been serving in that same position again since April 1998. Dr. Elder has been a director of Genus since its inception. Dr. Elder holds a B.S.I.E. and an honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Paisley in Scotland.

William Elder was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and earned a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Paisley Technical College in 1968. He joined Fairchild Semiconductor as a manufacturing engineer in January 1970. He served in various senior management positions over the next decade, culminating in a transfer to set up and manage Fairchild's consumer products facility in Hong Kong. In 1979, he joined Kasper Instruments, a division of Eaton Corp., as vice president, operations. Later named division president, he oversaw Kasper's growth to $25M in revenue. Elder founded Genus Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) in 1981, and the company went public in 1988. He was president, CEO and director from November 1981 to April 1990, and as chairman of the board and CEO from April 1990 until October 1996. Remaining as chairman, Elder reclaimed the CEO position in April 1998. Under his guidance, Genus pioneered three manufacturing technologies: tungsten thin films, high-energy ion implantation and atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology.[1]

Dr. Elder was the Chief Executive Officer of Genus, Inc. (Genus), a semiconductor equipment company, which was recently acquired by AIXTRON AG, and he now currently serves as the Chairman of the Silicon Semiconductor Technologies Group ("SSTS"). Dr. Elder also serves as a Board Member of Trikon Technologies, Inc., a semiconductor equipment company, in the United Kingdom and Maskless Lithography Inc., a capital equipment start-up based in San Jose, California.[2]


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