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removed bits

unable to find reference/source re RSA lecture section

[Sukhvinder Stubbs]] (Trustee of Demos)

unable to find reference/source re RSA lecture section

(re Civitas)…which shared an office with Demos

Source/ref needed re RSA Lecture section

Design Council who fund Demos and are part of the UK's Public Diplomacy efforts

This bit’s from a forum chat room, not sure we need to keep it

Aficionados of the programme celebrate her gaffes — inherent in rolling news shows — claiming that she “completely forgot what programme she was on and clearly struggled to remember what to say at the top of the programme.” Source

She is often confused with Kirsty WarkSource. It is arguable that these types of programmes have not recovered from the satire of The Day Today, (whose Armando Iannucci is £5k to £10k at JLA)

I told myself not to look at these pages, but accidently wandered in here. I can't see anyone really arguing that it is in better shape than when I left it: I mean no one, but if someone believes that let me know.