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Star Energy Group Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK oil and gas firm IGas Energy, which bought the company in 2011.

In April 2016 IGas announced it had acquired and was conducting seismic tests on two new sites at Bridge Trafford in Cheshire. One of those sites, a field, was bought in the name of Star Energy for £141,000. An option was also bought on a nearby field to the south of Warrington Road in Barrow, owned by David William Pym. Both sites were reportedly located near the epicentre of an 18th-century earthquake that was one of the most powerful in the UK. IGas had not consulted with locals on its plans for the sites at the time of its announcement. Concern led to the setting up of the Bridge Trafford Community Protection Camp page. [1][2]

In September 2016 eviction orders were given to the occupants of the protection camp (located on a small encampment on privately-owned land at the side of the A56 Warrington Road, Bridge Trafford). The legal action was brought by the landowners, but backed by the energy firm.[3]




  • Star Energy Weald Basin Ltd, based at the Holybourne.
  • Star Energy (East Midlands) Ltd, based at the Welton Gathering Centre and operates the fields of Welton, Stainton, Nettleham, Cold Hanworth, Scampton, Scampton North, and Eskdale.
  • Star Energy Oil and Gas Ltd, based near Gainsborough, and operates various fields



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