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  • ...try and other related industries, and to raise matters with government and industry itself. ...d Gas UK website, accessed 26 August 2015 </ref> <ref> However the Oil and Gas UK's website had not been updated in line with the House of Commons registe
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  • *[[BP: Lobbying and PR agencies]] *[[BP: Affiliations and lobby groups]]
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  • as "a well-connected spokesman for American business in Washington", and a "key player" in policy circles. It is "one of the most influential organi ...s, ACCF admitted that its programme called "Tax and Environmental Policies and U.S. Economic Growth" had been sponsored by the following:
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  • :A detailed and disturbing strategy document has revealed an extraordinary American plan to ...ce in Montreal. It was pitched to companies such as Ford Europe, Lufthansa and the German utility giant RWE.
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  • Crawford S. Gillies is Managing Director Europe, Bain & Company Inc. and was appointed a director of [[Standard Life Assurance]] in January 2007. ...lities, engineering, building products, financial services, consumer goods and retail.
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  • ...[[Peter Schwartz]], [[Jay Ogilvy]], [[Stewart Brand]], [[Napier Collyns]], and [[Lawrence Wilkinson]]. According to its website:<ref>Global Business Netwo ...thless curiosity, collaboration, and powerful new tools for thinking about and shaping the future.
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  • ...isations and communities in their drive to improve their own effectiveness and performance".<ref>[ About Us], R It is based in London and Edinburgh.
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  • ...[ Group facts and figures], accessed February 2007 </ref> ==Benefiting from the shale gas bonanza==
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  • ...s''', also known as Bell Pottinger Private, was one of the UK's largest PR and lobbying agencies until it filed for bankruptcy in September 2017 following ..., 1983 and 1987 elections. Bell was deputy chairman of [[Lowe Howard-Spink and Bell]] alongside [[Frank Lowe]] before going on to found [[Chime Communicat
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  • ...]], [[Buchanan]], [[Citigate Dewe Rogerson]], [[Pelham PR]], [[Finsbury]], and [[Maitland Consultancy]]. ...ecomes the focus of a story. ‘It's bad manners to get between the client and the footlights,' he reportedly says.<ref>[
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  • ...rown into a $3,000,000 institution with a team of nearly 40 policy experts and other staff".<ref>"[ ...-sceptical organisation in Washington as well as promoting "Sound Science" and denigrating environmentalists.
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  • Rethinking the Think Tanks How industry-funded "experts" twist the environmental debate]Sierra Club magazine, Acces It is named after the 'Cato Letters', a series of libertarian pamphlets, and the think-tank is more libertarian than many of the other right-wing organi
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  • ...terprise Institute''' for Public Policy Research (AEI) was founded in 1943 and is located in Washington, DC. ...Washington neoconservative lobby groups and is America's richest, largest and most influential think tank. It was regarded as one of the George W. Bush a
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  • ...go and arrested in the 1997 abortive coup in Papua New Guinea. His friend and former Sandline business partner, the ex-SAS officer [[Simon Mann]], also l ...real, Canada, GardaWorld provides business solutions and security services and is the largest privately-owned security company in the world.
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  • ...ers Against Drunk Driving]], animal rights activists, food watchdog groups and trade unions. and friends comes from a distinctly libertarian right wing perspective and his critics are not accusing Berman of 'educating people'.
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  • ...end of the College.<ref>International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers [ ...Panawina/concise.html Concise Staff Information: DOSSA (Dept. of Sociology and Social Anthropology): Members l995/6"], accessed December 2007.</ref> where
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  • ...decisions. We advise our clients on what to say, how to say to it, who to and when." <ref>Bell Pottinger Public Affairs [ BP ...ough national and local government and the complexities of the legislative and regulatory process.
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  • ...He has a history of work in the European Parliament on financial services and on biotechnology. He also has direct financial interests in both industries ...England', which is of course a venture capital firm set up to fund biotech industry developments.<ref>European Parliament, [
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  • [[Food and Drink Federation]] ==Perverting the foot and mouth vaccination plan==
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  • [[File:Hill and Knowlton London.JPG|300px|right|thumb|Hill and Knowlton Offices, 49 Clerkenwell Green]] [[File:Hill and Knowlton.jpg|300px|right|thumb|Hill and Knowlton Offices, Rue Montoyer 51, Brussels]]
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  • ...s compounded by a 24/7 media, the Internet and sophisticated anti-business and anti-technology activism.' <ref> [ Regester L ...tured an image of ears of corn alongside an oil platform, a chemical works and a paper headed 'HAZARDOUS WASTE'.
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