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Ruth Porter was a special adviser to Elizabeth Truss, the secretary of state for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.[1] Her appointment in 2014 was considered 'a good move' because of a combination of media skills and decade of experience working in public policy with leading think tanks. [2]

As special adviser to Truss, Porter was paid an annual salary of £65,000. [3]

Porter previously worked at think tank Policy Exchange as head of economics and social policy [4] where she was a regular media commentator, taking part in programmes such as Radio 5's Paper Review and BBC 2's Newsnight. [4]

Before this she was communications director at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Among other roles, she co-authored a series of reports on education that won the Innovative Projects category of the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Awards, and edite the book Pursuing Social Justice in New Zealand, which was launched by New Zealand's Governor-General.

She is also an adviser to Million Jobs, a campaign which focuses on helping more young people find work. [4]


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