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Robin Charles William Tilbrook (born 7 April 1958) is the founder and chairman of the English Democrats Party. He has been a solicitor since 1990 and runs his own practice in his home town of Ongar, Essex. [1]

The website of the English Democrats give the following biographical information for Tilbrook:

Born in 1958 in Malaysia, Robin is a Solicitor he attended Wellington College in Berkshire. Robin founded the English National Party in 1997, by 2002 he organised with several other small English Nationalist parties to re-launch the party as the English Democrats. Robin has stood for Election as a Councillor on several occasions as the lead candidate for the English Democrats for the European Elections in 2004 (London) and as a parliamentary Candidate for Epping Forest in 2005. Robin lives in Essex with his wife Clare and has 3 Children. Robin has been re-elected unopposed as National Chairman on three successive occasions by the General Membership. [2]

Anti-Islam Connections

Tilbrook is linked to English Democrats Party member Stephen Gash, who is a leading figure in Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SOIE). Tilbrook gave a speech on the 'dangers of Islamisation' to a SOIE protest on 11 September 2008 outside Lambeth Palace, the official London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury. [3] SOIE leaders Stephen Gash and Anders Gravers are both 'fans' of Tilbrook on the social networking site Facebook. [4]


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