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Robin Stamler is a member of the advisory board of The Academic Friends of Israel[1] and an 'advisory editor' for Engage (circa 2008).[2]

He contributed to the 2009 BBCWatch report 'Jeremy Bowen and the Gaza Conflict'. He is described in the report as ‘a research scientist and doctor. He is involved in biotechnology projects in the field of renewable energy.’ [3]

According to a biographical note on the Engage website in 2008:

Robin Stamler is a researcher in X-ray crystallography, working to understand the molecular structure of medically-relevant proteins. He qualified in medicine at Cambridge University and worked for two years as a junior doctor in Jerusalem (Shaarey Zedek Hospital) before returning to England where he worked in computing and biotechnology research before taking up PhD studies in crystallography and protein structure at Birkbeck College. He has been involved in countering hostility to Israel in the media and academic and political arenas through a number of grass-roots activist groups. [2]


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