Peter Carrington

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Lord Peter Carrington
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Peter Carrington (Lord Carrington) was the British Foreign Secretary from 1979 to 1982.[1]

The House of Lords website describes his career as follows:

Succeeded his father 1938; Eligible to take his seat 1940; First entered House of Lords 1945; Joint Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries 1951-54; Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Defence 1954-56; First Lord of the Admiralty 1959-63; Minister without Portfolio and Leader of the House of Lords 1963-1964; Leader of Opposition 1964-70, 1974-79; Secretary of State for Defence 1970-74; Minister of Aviation Supply 1971-74; Opposition Whip 1947-51; Secretary of State for: Energy January-February 1974, Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs 1979-82[2]



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