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"Oxera is one of Europe’s foremost independent economics consultancies. Established in 1982, we have built a reputation for providing critical economic insight to an international list of clients including governments, regulators and major companies" [1].

Different sectors

  • Financial services
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Transport

Oxera and water

"In recent years, the water sector has led the field in innovations in network regulation, and high demands have been placed on regulatory bodies and companies. Since the privatisation of water in the UK in 1989, Oxera has become the leading source of independent economic advice on issues of concern to the water sector, including finance, efficiency measurement, tariffs and pricing, competition, the environment and financial restructuring" [2].


Alan Horncastle

Work Done

Oxera has worked for various clients including Scottish Water and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

Oxera outline some of the other work they have done.

  • A multi-client study Strategic advice on the periodic review of charges, for water companies in England & Wales and Scotland
  • Review of approach to estimating long-run marginal costs in the water sector,
  • a multi-client study
  • Appeals against regulatory decisions: improving the mechanisms, report for Water UK, the Electricity Association and Lattice Group (June 2002)
  • Water industry financial model of periodic review of pricing', for Environment Agency (August 2004)
  • Advisers for Vivendi (Veolia) on a Competition Commission merger case
  • The capital structure of water companies', report for Ofwat (October 2002)
  • Analysis of the issues facing British Waterways in devising its pricing strategy for the British Waterways grid
  • External efficiency review of utility regulators', prepared with WS Atkins, for HM Treasury (February 2001) [3]



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