Norman Geras

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Norman Geras

Norman Geras is one of the founding members of the pro-War Zionist lobby group Euston Manifesto and a strong advocate of the war against Iraq. Geras, along with other prominent pro-war voices, who latter reappeared as the Euston Manifesto, is a contributor to the book A Matter of Principle: Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq.

Geras also makes an appearance in a documentary made by David Aaronovitch along with other members of the pro-Israel lobby group Engage attacking the left for making "excuses for terror".

Recycling Zionist Propaganda

Besides regularly denouncing critics of Israeli aggression, Norman Geras is not averse to recycling discredited Zionist hokum. His recent attacks on John Pilger and Jonathan Steele[1] had to rely on a quote attributed to Hassan Nasrallah by Zionist propagandists which is well known to be false.[2]



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