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Mike Yardley

Michael Yardley - known as Mike - is gun enthusiast, broadcaster and media 'expert'. He is a former British Army officer who resigned in the 1980s to write books on military history and shotguns; and offer expertises on anything to do with guns, explosives or the military. He is most commonly described a 'terrorism expert' or a 'firearms expert'.


The Times reports that Yardley resigned his commission in 1981 and confirms that confirms that he attended Sandhurst Military Academy and has a degree in psychology.[1] A shootings website provides the following biographical details on Yardley although this information is unsourced:

Yardley was born in Denmark in 1955 and educated in England and the U.S. He has a psychology degree from London University and was a post-graduate student at the London School of Economics. He's also a graduate of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, where he was a member of the of the pistol and shotgun shooting teams.[2]

Views on terrorism

In 1985 Yardley was interviewed on ABC News and advocated the assassination of heads of state who support terrorism . He is quoted in the transcript as saying, “I think we need to have the courage of our convictions. I think we need to come out and say, look if you mess with terrrorists, we will kill you.”[3]



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Press articles

  • Mike Yardley, 'Sportsmen have been disarmed but gun crimes still increase', The Daily Telegraph, 13 March 2001
  • Mike Yardley, 'Shooters have been made the scapegoats', The Scotsman, 22 October 1996
  • Mike Yardley, 'Danger in naive demands', The Scotsman, 14 August 1996


Shooters' Rights Association, contributed to a pro-gun report for the Firearms (amendment) bill in 1988


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