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Matthew (Matt) Baggott CBE QPM became Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland on 22 September 2009, succeeding Sir Hugh Orde.[1]

Metropolitan Police

Matt Baggott began his policing career in the Metropolitan Police in 1977[2], serving in the inner city areas of Tooting, Brixton and Peckham, as well as leading reviews on partnership, regeneration and inner city crime.[3]

He was Deputy Divisional Commander in Peckham before spending 18 months as a staff officer to Commissioner Paul Condon in the period 1992-94. In 1995 he returns to Peckham as Divisional Commander of Peckham with rank of Chief Superintendent.[2]

In 1998 he is brought back to the private office of Paul Condon when he is appointed to lead the Lawrence Review Team[2] which is charged with shaping the response of the Metropolitan Police to the Stephen Lawrence Public Inquiry.[4]. Serving under him were Superintendents Sara Thornton, Bob Quick and Mark Simmmons.[5] However, he leaves before the work of the Team is completed in September 1998.

West Midlands Police

Baggott was appointed Assistant Chief Constable in West Midlands Police in June 1998. He was promoted to Deputy Chief Constable in November 2001.[6]

Chief Constable of Leicestershire

Baggott was appointed Chief Constable of Leicestershire Constabulary in December 2002.[6] During this time he was commissioned to lead the Review of Policing on behalf of the Home Secretary, which report in June 2008 as the Sir Ronnie Flanagan Review.[2]


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