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Martin E. Franklin is a founder and director of the Julie and Martin Franklin Charitable Foundation (EIN: 13-3800643) a grant making foundation which supports various philanthropic causes. The foundation supports a significant number of Jewish and pro-Israel organisations. The Julie and Martin Franklin Charitable Foundation is a major donor to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, the US body that sends funds to the Israeli Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers. Between 2002-2013 the foundation donated $544,200 to the FIDF. [1] Franklin is a national board member of the FIDF. [2]

He is founder and executive chairman of the Jarden Corporation. His profile on the company website offers the following description of Franklin:

Mr. Franklin is Founder and Executive Chairman of the Company. Prior to taking his current role in 2011, he had served as Chairman and Chief Executive of the Company since its 2001 inception... He also is Founder and Chairman of Platform Specialty Products Corporation and a principal and executive officer of a number of private investment entities. In the last five years, Mr. Franklin has served on the public Boards of Promotora de Informaciones S.A., Kenneth Cole Productions and GLG Inc. Between 1992 and 2000, he served as Chairman and/or Chief Executive Officer of three public companies, Benson Eyecare Corporation, Lumen Technologies, Inc. and Bollé Inc. Mr. Franklin also serves as a director of Burger King Worldwide, Inc. [3]

Prior to 2001 the Jarden Corporation traded under the name 'Alltrista'.[3]

In 2014 the company was ranked in 356th place on the Fortune 500.[4]

In 2003 Franklin travelled to Israel with his family to meet victims of terrorism in Israel and to allocate funds he had raised in a triathlon (Franklin reportedly raised half a million US dollars). The trip was organised in conjunction with the OneFamily Fund an organisation which describes itself as 'the national organization assisting Israel’s victims of terror.'[5] [6]


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