Marlon Solomon

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Marlon Solomon (right) with Luke Akehurst (left) and Matt Pound (centre)

Marlon Solomon is a non-portfolio officer of the North West branch of the Jewish Labour Movement.

'Marlon rarely interacts with people but has a habit of writing conspiracy theories and inflammatory tweets designed to provoke anger and to use against those who take offence. Very little of what Marlon writes about actually helps tackle antisemitism. It does very little to create dialogue or understanding. What he does do is drive a wedge between those reporting antisemitism and those being accused of it. My honest opinion and conclusion as to why Marlon does what he does with his tweets is that they are there simply to provoke anger and possibly make it easier for GJ/LAAS to screencap replies so that they can be stripped of all context, bundled up and sent to EHRC and Labour to be dealt with. '[1]

In 2019/20 Solomon was given £11,877 by The Pears Family Charitable Foundation to enable him to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.