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Malcolm Miller is a director and former general manager of Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited and former head of International Transport, for the British Nuclear Group. Since 2007 he has been chief executive of his own firm, Lambie Consultancy Ltd, which provides nuclear transporters, regulators and management bodies with a range of services covering 'ship design, regulations and licensing, safety, physical security, emergency planning and public acceptance'.

Miller was Chairman of the World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) in London from 2005-07 and remains a director. He was a director of BNFL SA in Paris[1] and also chaired the Transport Committee of the FORATOM European nuclear trade body from 2000 to 2007. [2]


According to his most recent biography on the Lambie Consultancy website:

Captain Miller has 40 years of experience in the shipping and nuclear transport industry, combining over twenty years at sea with the successful of management of international shipping operations from shore. Captain Miller worked for Shaw Savill and Albion shipping from 1966 to 1972 before joining Maersk where he gained his Master’s Certificate and became Chief Officer in 1975. After five years at Silver Line, he joined Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited (PNTL) in 1983 and was appointed Master in 1985.
In 1990, Captain Miller was appointed Marine Operations Manager for British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL), the primary shareholder of PNTL. He was promoted to Operations Manager in 1993, Head of Operations in 1995 and Head of International Transport in 2002. He became a Director of PNTL in 2001 and was appointed General Manager of PNTL in 2003. In 2007, Captain Miller established Lambie Consultancy Limited. He has been a director of several European companies.
In 2006, Captain Miller was elected a Fellow of the Nautical Institute (NI), the international seafarers’ professional body that works to enhance the professional standing of members drawn from all sectors of the maritime world. [2]
He is Chairman of the Ramsden Dock Terminal Stakeholders Group.

The Defective MOX scandal

Miller was in charge of BNFL's Marine Transport business in 2002 when a shipment of defective radioactive plutonium and uranium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel was transported from Japan back to the UK by BNFL's nuclear freighters Pacific Pintail and Pacific Teal.

The MOX fuel, originally delivered to Japan in 1999, was rejected by Kansai Electric Power Company when BNFL employees were found to have falsified data sheets related to the manual confirmation of automated checks during the manufacturing process. BNFL agreed to compensate Kansai and return the fuel to the United Kingdom at its cost.[3]


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