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From the British council website May 2002 on the Connecting Futures Research

Lord Stevenson's visit (May 2002)

Lord Stevenson welcomed at the Ramallah Office

During his visit to East Jerusalem and the West Bank Lord Dennis Stevenson visited The British Council Centre in Ramallah which was buzzing with school children who came to visit an exhibition of bi-lingual childrens' books as well as an exhibition of childrens books on bullying and counseling.

Another group of school kids were spending time enjoying a bullying game and interacting with Network English and learn English software in our modern multimedia centre.

Story-telling in the Library - Teacher going through the rules of the game

Suha supervising the play - Children playing the game

Teacher directing the play - Teacher directing the play

Children playing the game - Overview of the class in action

The British Council in Ramallah co-funded an open day for children organised by the Palestinian Centre for the Dissemination of Democracy and Community Development (PANORAMA) in co-operation with a number of cultural centres including Al Sakakini Centre and Ashtar.

2500 children from the Ramallah District participated in the event which was held at Isa'd Al Tuffuleh Centre in El Bireh on Friday 3rd May 2002.

Activities included panting, facial painting, drama, magic, racing, dancing and singing.

The primary focus of the day was to provide the children with an outlet to their emotions in the aftermath of all the recent violence and to allow children to socialise with each other in a non-threatening environment. One of the outcomes of the day was a banner(20mx5m) painted by the children and reads in arabic "SMALL HANDS CAN BUILD". This banner will be reproduced and hung throughout the West Bank & Gaza as part of an ongoing awareness campaign highlighting the role of the palestinian child in building civil society.

Produced in East Jerusalem (West Bank and Gaza) by The British Council‚ © 2002. The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for educational and cultural relations. Registered in England as a Charity.