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Connecting Futures is a propaganda project run by the British Council, the aim of which is to build and foster an understanding and acceptance in young people of cultures different from their own. This is accomplished through a series of dialogues and activities.


In 2005, a relationship between students in Pakistan and the UK was the basis of a Connecting Futures programme which saw a delegation of sixteen UK students - four from The University of Glasgow, four from the University of Edinburgh, four from the University of Warwick and four from Cardiff University - visit Pakistan to take part in discussions and dialogues with Pakistani students. The overarching theme of these discussions was Identity.

In a trip that lasted ten days, the sixteen students visited the cities of Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad. During this time they were taken on many cultural visits by their Pakistani counterparts and, upon visiting the Universities of each city, participated in a discussion with them, often hosted or facilitated by eminent Pakistani academics. The working titles and subjects of these discussions were as wide-ranging as Equality: Reality or Dream? and Forced and Arranged Marriages.[1]


Organisations involved


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Lord Stevenson's visit May 2002, British council website


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